A cost-effective and efficient solution

Thanks to our very long experience and to our guidelines, as well as the manufacturer’s ones that must be strictly followed, your reconditioned engine will offer unmatched performance from day one. Every and each refurbishing process is carried out using a specific machinery on every single component and spare part such as:
– Engine Pistons
– Engine bushes
– Engine Valves
– Valve Guides
– Tappets
– Distribution
– Oil pump
– Gaskets

Even if you don’t know what a reconditioned engine is, or you would not trust it in your car, start using it. We will explain to you why you should trust our services.

Engine reconditioning includes several changes in order to restore it to its original working condition. Engine reconditioning aim is to inject new life into an old and worn engine for cars or trucks (as well as any other engine-powered vehicle). This process makes the engine virtually new, making it totally safe for the driver. Reconditioning engines enables us to sell refurbished and reconditioned engines from the best vendors.

Engine reconditioning steps are as follows:

– Disassemble the engine entirely and accurately check every and each smallest component. All the components that are usually subject to wear and tear such as pistons, filters, gaskets, etc. are replaced. The parts that shall be reconditioned go through specific machinery in order to maximise the end result in terms of cleanness and smoothness.
– Identify, check and store all the engine parts and recondition the small components like oil pumps, etc.
– Engine crankcase, crankshaft, pistons, cam shaft and other essential engine components are processed in order to restore them to their original condition. After this process the reconditioned component will be virtually equivalent and offer the same performance as new components. Cracks or defects that may occur in the reconditioning process are verified in the final inspection. Valves are reconditioned or replaced if necessary.
– If a component cannot be reconditioned to its original working order, it’s replaced. Injection pumps are reconditioned as well.
– When this process is complete, all the reconditioned components are washed and the engine is assembled back together. Eventually a final test is carried out in order to make sure the engine is ready to be delivered.