We recondition any kind of component

Thanks to multiple years of experience and a wide availability of spare parts for cars and trucks from renown brands we are able to deliver high precision processes, such as:
– Engine Cylinder Grinding and Lapping
– Engine Cylinder Head Grinding. They are tested against leakage and flatness is verified. Guides and valve housings are replaced
– Crankshaft grinding, crankshaft straightening, metalloscopic test
– Engine Block Grinding. This includes cylinder grinding with smoothing and possibly hydraulic test
– Cylinder Layers and Housing Grinding
– Piston Rods Grinding and Plain Bearing Replacement- Rettifica e lappatura cilindri motore
Nuova Ferrari & Zagni S.r.l. core businesses are ENGINE GRINDING,ROTATION AND RECONDITIONING. These services can be carried out on any type of industrial, civil or commercial vehicle like cars, motorbikes, scooters, vans, small vans, forklifts, tractors, trucks. Thanks to the best technology implemented in the company, workers are also able to recondition the engines of vintage cars as
ell as boats and industrial engines.