If you place your order via email or the item you require is not available in house, YOUR ORDER WILL BE DELIVERED WITHIN 24 HOURS!

These are the products we carry in store

– Complete engines or parts (NEW or RECONDITIONED engines)
Diesel, petrol, or natural gas powered engines available. Reconditioned engines available.
– Piston segments
– Engine pistons
– New or reconditioned engine heads. Engine heads available
– Engine spare parts such as bolts and gaskets
– Engine cylinder liners
– Piston and cylinder liner assemblies
– Engine crankcase
– Engine crankshafts
– Engine camshafts
– Crankcase and piston rod bushes
We are located between Fiorano and Sassuolo, where you will find spare parts from the best vendors, such as GOETZE, AE, KS, MAHLE, PAYEN and RHIAG. We are RHIAG official reseller.

Nuova Ferrari & Zagni also offers spare parts for tractors, trucks, commercial and industrial vehicles.

– Additives (engine and gearbox maintenance)
– Cooling additives
– Pest control additives for car’s passenger area
– Shock absorbers
– Batteries for cars and trucks
– Fly Wheel bolts
– Catalytic converters and ignition systems
– Brake cylinders
– Wheel bearings
– POLI-V belts
– Spark plugs and glow plugs
– Brake discs and brake pads
– Oil filters, passenger area filters, diesel filters and air filters
– Silencer and EGR valve
– Starters and alternators
– Engine oil (specific oil for natural gas or LPG powered engines available)
– Gearbox oil and windscreen wipers
– Fuel pumps and water pumps
– Double mass flywheels
– Power windows
– Suspension bracket kit
– Refurbished Electric Control Unit
– FAP and installing accessories
– Car body parts
– Pumps and injectors (BOSCH, DELPHI
– Car bumpers- Rear-view windows
– Steering boxes
– Thermal systems
– Lambda probes

Download and read LIFE and BLU PRINT pdf files about obstruction reduction, extend efficiency and life cycle of FAP-DPF filters.
Download and read pdf files about latest important UE regulations EU N. 330/2010 (20.04.10) and EU N. 461/2010 (27.05.10), specific about car spare parts. Most of the spare parts we offer in Fiorano Modenese are exactly the ones car manufacturers use in their plants.