Ninety out of a hundred turbocharger defects can be prevented with adequate ordinary maintenance. They are mainly due to the following reasons:
– Foreign bodies in the turbine or in the turbocharger
– Oil contaminants
– Low oil pressure
– High temperature of the exhaust gases (ignition/injection systems)
– Wrong or inaccurate air filter maintenance that may lead foreign bodies to damage the turbocharger

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Turbochargers do not require any specific maintenance only periodic servicing is needed. They are designed in order to last as long as the engine and to achieve that end result the following instructions must be observed:
Replace the oil periodically
Maintain the oil filtering system
Check the oil pressure
Maintain the air filtering system
Maintain the F.A.P. filter (when installed) and check the intercooler
Nuova Ferrari & Zagni S.r.l. also operates in the TURBOCHARGERS industry. The company has a specific area where components are checked thoroughly.
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